My ex cxld our date to meet up - an excuse or sincere?

My ex and I had plans to meet up this weekend (he initiated it). I hung out with him at a party the other night and we had a great time - at the end, he made sure we were still on for Sat night. I got a long email from him today explaining that he has to go to the Berkshires on Sat instead of Sun (he is visiting an old biz partner who is helping him grow his new business- I know this is true, btw). He apologized and wanted to know the next time I was free to get together. He said it was so nice to see me the other night, that he was sorry for the snafu. Sound sincere?


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  • No. He's not interested.

    • Well I disagree as he is the king of changing plans - this is not new. Plus he wouldn't ask to book another date, he would be more vague. If he cxls a second time, then I would agree.

    • I hope you're right, but I don't think you are.

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