I still love my ex, but I'm engaged to someone else. Should I tell him?

I loved my ex and we were engaged. I had gotten pregnant and at seven months I had our stillborn son. I was beside myself with grief and not in my right mind. I broke up with him soon after to move back with my mom. I went through therapy and am doing good. He was devastated when I broke up with him. I now see how selfish I was to break breakup with him. This was all two years ago. I had moved on, but then he sent me a text about meeting up a few months back. I didn't because I was in a relationship, but it still messed with my head.


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  • If you're still in a relationship, don't meet up with him. You have to decide to what degree you have recovered and to what degree you feel that he is responsible for your break down.


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  • Then why are you in a relationship if you love someone else

    • Because I don't know how he feels

    • So you are going to marry someone you are not in love with?

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  • Obviously do not marry anyone right now. It clearly is not fair to your fiancĂ©.


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