My ex-bf won't leave me alone and it's making me so upset?

I'm trying to terminate my toxic 3 1/2 year relationship. We both cheated on each other and last year he had an affair for three months with my friend. I wanted to work on it--to put the past in the past--but the pain won't go away. We got along so well at first but now we just fight and bicker.

And honestly, I met someone else. I don't want to tell him that because I know it would hurt him and I'm trying to make a clean break. It's so hard and it's worse because he keeps texting me lamenting about how he's never clicked with anyone like me in his whole life (he's only freaking 23) and how our fighting is like any other couple's in a long-term relationship.

I just want to cry. He's dragging me back and I know this is the best for both of us, even if change is scary. I'm ignoring him now but I know he's going to come to my house to cry and beg and plead and I'm afraid I'm going to cave. We get along so great sometimes and we planned out our lives together but I feel like there's no coming back from what happened. I wish he was ready to let go.

I really need moral support right now.


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  • You need to focus on yourself, and what you want. Without doing so, and caving in, won't result in you being happy. You'll end up breaking up in the future because of those very reasons.

    It's time to be honest with yourself. And honest with your ex.

    Honesty sets you free.

  • If you want a clean break, then tell him you`ve met someone else. He cheated on you, so you deserves for you to move on. Yeah, you cheated on him too, but he cheated on you for 3 months with your friend. And the fact that you bicker so much, it`s obvious you two are not as into each other as you were before the incident.


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