I broke up with my boyfriend and had a big fight with him, now he psssed by my job and try to talk to me as friend?

I ignored my boyfriend everydays at work, he trieds to talk to me and ask stupid question about work because he used to work in the same place before so he goes in and out of my job like twice at day I ignored him and avoid him, Im mad because that day we broked up he said something i didn't like, and i dont want to talk to him really even thought i miss him. he goes in my office and ask about work stuff that dosent concern him. I responded back to him with a dirty look but he still goes to say Hi to his old friends that work with me or to ask stupid questions i dont know what he really wants but he trieds to be nice.


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  • If he's trying to patch things up, be courteous enough to at least acknowledge him. If he is just there to be an annoyance, it's working. Continue to ignore him and do your job.


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