I don't know why I act like this, I am starting to become embarrassed to be me?

I got dumped by a guy I was seeing for 2 and a half months that I met on POF. He seemed great at the beginning but then the real him started to come out. He'd be texting other girls while we out on dates, he would be flakey even though at the beginning he said he hated flakes, he would compliment himself more than he would me. I don't know why I didn't end things (that's not my main problem I have with myself, just wait for it). He ended it, cowardly over text even though he always said it's the right thing to do to end things face to face. I was pretty broken up for a day or two. Then moved on, about a week later I foolishly decided to make a fake POF account and talk to him, and I am currently talking to him as I type this. What am I getting out of it? Nothing. Why am I doing this? No idea. Why am I broken up & obsessed over a guy who was clearly not a good on? You tell me. Please..


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  • Because boys make us crazy. We are even aware of this crazy behavior and we don't know how to stop it. You know that you won't get anything out of it but you're still doing. So many times I've told my self I'm getting nothing out of xyz but I still do it.

    It's hard to move on sometimes, but we all do it.

  • Us ladies need to realize we aren't going to get treated like princesses anymore so we need to get over it and by the way he was just into other girls not u but there's nice jerks that show themselves in the end of a bad relationship with us a we need to move on and forget that past and get a another bf and we all face reality when we get dumped because its a lesson we learn and never go back on it never so hope ur okay ):

    • No ur not getting anything out of it srry its the truth ):
      Ur doing this because u want a man to want u and its true ):
      Ur obsessed with Him because u thought he was the one but one was the least of your worries like he showed his true colors towards u and u gave in and srry about that but what can I see is find someone that well love u forever and ever and good luck on the healing wish u the best ): it makes me sad too see u this way ),:

    • Thank you!! I think I am dealing with low self esteem issues. It's like I base my happiness on the attention I get from guys, like my day will go from a 1 to a 10 if a guy texts me and from a 10 to a 1 if he takes a long time to respond. I have so many other great things in my life, great family, good friends, I'm healthy and have a good job but I just don't ever feel complete without a guy, I have been like this for a while now.. I used to be so confident. I don't know what happened to me, I miss her.

    • One day that guy will find u or u well find him but its a awesome thing u have so much going on in ur life I wish I had a good job but I don't ): but im happy for u (:

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