Why do I still feel like this? how do I get over iit?

my ex bf and i broke up around 1.5months ago. we went out for 6 months in total.

i'm pretty much over him, but sometimes i stil get feelings like i miss him, but not as heavy as before. pretty light now, and when i see photos of him on fb, i still feel as though i still miss him also

how do i get over this? why do i still feel like this? am i ever going to get over him?
when i listen to sad songs, it doesn't hurt anymore, nor do i think about him when i listen to those songs. so i guess its a good sign?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Time heals. It has only been a month. I still am impacted by my ex and it has almost been a year. I do not think about her nor do I miss her. However, when someone tells me about seeing her I think about aspects of the relationship and it impacts me for a few hours then goes away.

    • yeah thats like me too... it impacts me for like a bit, then im fine again... hmm sorry to hear that though

What Girls Said 1

  • That feeling never goes. We forget people but we never forget the feelings they make us feel. It will come and go. This doesn't mean you love him or sth. This is just a feeling. You already got over him.


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