She's moving on I just can't?

Ok now there's a few points in our breakup that I just cannot get my head around or the reasons for breaking up rather
Do you feel that if you think long and hard about something its possible to make up delusions of things? I'm guess in short I'm after more closure but I'm wotried ti just ask the ex and also I'm personally trying the no contact thing


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  • Yea, sometimes when you over think things, you start thinking silly things. It's similar to when you're a child and you think so much about monsters that you convince yourself there is 1 hiding under your bed.
    If you really do need closure, and need to know certain things, I guess you can ask her. You might not get an answer you like, or even any answer at all, but at least you asked.
    I know you're doing no contact, but what's the point if you still can't get her out your head. Might aswel just ask so you can stop over thinking.

    • I think that's just the answer I was looking for
      Thanks a lot! All the best to you

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  • You can move on, it's just difficult. You need to try to focus on yourself more at this time and not obsess about her.


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