Why didn't he say anything and why he just keep looking at me?

I found out my boyfriend like another girl... i went up to him and beat him with a stick on his back and he just said we don't have anything to talk about?


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  • what? that's weird. can you shed some more details on this story?

    • Ok i find o it he ask another girl out when we were dating and she told me he said he like her... and i when i found out i waited for him outside with a stick and i ask him what's up and he said nothing and he wasn't answering me at all then he was just turning back to look at me

    • hmm. either random or he had a second thought but couldn't carry out that thought. who knows what was going through his head at the time lol.

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  • He finally realized you're crazy. You can't run around beating people up for no reason.


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  • He is probably scared to say anything.


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