Are any of you having a tough time getting over an ex?

My ex has initiated contact a lot in the last few months and it had been giving me false hope. I know I should just block him, but it's so hard to not talk to him, as he was my best friend and lover for many years. He is an obsession. :( Any suggestions on how to give up hope of reconciliation and move on? Thanks!!!


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  • Yeah, just say to yourself each morning, I will not fantasize, I will not fantasize, I will not fantasize.


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  • I met my ex again in November, I got my hopes up only to find out that she had married and a child, while I am still single.

    You have to understand, all I really ever wanted from life was my own family and seeing her and knowing that child could have been mine, nearly killed me.

    I dropped everything, neglecting my study. Ignored everyone. I failed at every course since Easter this year.

    I did the last three months nothing but watching Game of Thrones, 24, Ender's Game, Honest Trailers, Totalbiscuit, Twitch, Starcraft Esport Matches, Football, Eating, Sleeping, Playing Video Games, Praying to God, Going to the church everyday, Declaring her dead, Writing her Facebook messages, Implying that I would take her instantly as my wife if her husband would die.

    That last thing scared them so much, that they finally moved away.

    Not seeing her everyday makes it easier.

    I love her. I will always do. If she wanted it, I would make her mine. I hope everyday that she will stand before my door or write me on Facebook.

    I love her.

    Today I finally finished my first project. I switched between crying in bed, television, and working.

    But I finished it. Now I hope I can finish the rest of my study.

    Every day is a fight.

    My advice: Start a project, something you can finish in a week. Then set a time limit for two weeks.
    Finish it. That gives you a felling of accomplishment.

    I don't know if that helps in the long run, but it is a start. The only start I know. I hope it gets better over time.


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