What do you think are the main causes for divorce? What was your reason?

What do you think are the main causes for divorce? What was your reason?


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  • From what I've seen, it's couples have a seriously different value or desire for the relationship that they don't confront before getting married.

    Where to live
    Work/life balance
    Drinking or drug use
    How to raise kids
    Priorities for money or free time
    How you treat a partner & express love

    They either don't discuss or more commonly think it'll all just magically work out. When that doesn't happen, they think kids will help, which compounds the issue.


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  • Pain and boredom causes divorce. Trace any genuine divorce and it's going to be ultimately these two or either. One person may cheat on a girl he genuinely loves, but he does so because the relationship failed him.

    • How much of "pain and boredom" would be sexually-linked (I believe if the sex is great, we can put up with anything)... ?

    • No you can't. Because the temporal experience of things gets broken up by memory. What happens in a distance of time weakens emotionally, while what happens more recent is more emotionally compelling. So sex alone wouldn't do, because even if it's frequent, then that can eventually get boring.

      My first cigarette blew me away, now, cigarettes don't feel like anything. So if I feel like shit, I still feel like shit from smoking.

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  • Disagree with the previous poster;

    One of the biggest causes for divorce is that people are not on the same page when it comes to what they want out of relationships, also they have unrealistic expectations for marriage. Some thing marriage will fix all their woes, while others thing that marriage is easy.

    There is also the trend that people do not really get to know one another before doing anything like getting married. There are plenty of people I've seen on this site alone who are getting engaged but still have unresolved issues with exes.

    Many people do not get married because they love their s/o, they get married because they think its just another step in the relationship. A lot of people jump in bed first, ask questions later.

    Divorce tends to stem from these issues and more. But these issue tend to compound into bigger and bigger issues.

  • Financial reasons, an ability to respectful solve disputes, a lack of effort to sustain the "feeling of togetherness" bond.


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