Men... if you are in love with another woman, why would you be contacting your ex?

We were texting the other day (that is weird enough), and I asked him if he loves her and if she is everything he wants in a woman? He wouldn't answer me if he loved her, but said, "you can never have everything". Why wouldn't he admit he loves her or is it that he doesn't love her and THAT'S why he's contacting me?


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  • He's unsure of what he is doing right now in his romance department. So typical. The fact that he can't commit one way or another on this reveal quite a bit about the current state of his character. Low.

    He's fishing for opportunities. He's not satisfied in his current relationship and is looking for a shoulder to cry on and or another bed to share. Dangerous game. That's the only reason I would contact my ex. Which I wouldn't if I was in a relationship. But that's just me.


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  • Most guys don't loose total feelings forr theirex. Personally I can't.


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