For women who've been in a long-term relationship?

... have you seen your sexual ardour towards your partner decline with time? If so, after how many years? What do you think was the cause for this?


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  • It has declined and picked back up several times in a old 10 yr relationship. Hell I'd still do him, but we moved on for other reasons. Those being part of the ups n downs in the sexual relations

    • What other reasons? And what point did it plateau? You suggest "I'd still do him" but also say "we moved on for other reasons". Does that mean you'll are still in a sexual relationship?

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    • I'm just trying to understand what issues women find; or whether it's just a question of time changing everything!

    • Time does change everything if ur not keeping up. New fresh ideas and creative ways are all it takes to keep the spark. It is the willingness to try that poses the problems.

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  • Yes after 15 years together and it has decline due to many problems along the way, trust issues most of all. Soon we will be 18 years and we are still hanging in there..

  • I've been with him for coming up to 8 years, and there have been times I haven't wanted sex.
    There can be different reasons, but when it happened to me, one time I had so much stress it built up and started affecting me other ways, and I just had zero sex drive. Another time we didn't have much sex for a while when we were going through a rough patch.
    If she's over 45 to, it could be a menopausal thing.

  • Yep - I've been with my guy for 3 years now. I know it may not seem like too long, but our sexual tension has been flip floppy. Sometimes it will seem like it's amazing and can't get enough of each other, while sometimes it feels like it's slipping away. We are very sexual, so in order to keep stuff exciting, we always buy new toys etc. I feel most of the cause was because of doing the same old stuff.


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