Gf broke up with me whilst working away! Has been away 6 weeks and is due back in four. Ignored all friends and family so we are all confused. Help?

Before my partner left to work at camp America she was talking about getting married to me and that se didn't want to leave me.
After six weeks of being away we broke up

A few days before the break up she was telling me how hard it was Working away with stress and often called me in tears. Then started ignoring me, randomly called me out of the blue and said she wanted to break up which I didn't take to well and asked if she was serious, she started to cry and said she had to go.

I attempted to speak to her about it and said let's have some
Space to think and we will talk in a few days, the day before she was due to call I got a text saying I never want to speak to you again don't contact me.

A few more days went by and I just asked what happened so I could have closure and the reply I got was I don't see us going any where and I want to move in from
This and am blocking you on what's app etc.

This behaviour coupled with ignoring all her friends at home and only speaking to her parents once a week instead of every day which was the norm. I am not sure if she really feels this way or is pushing me away to make the distance thing easier until she comes back?

She comes home in four weeks and naturally I want to fix this. Do I go see her when she gets home and turn up at hers and ask to talk? Wait to see if she contacts me? Move on?

Any help is greatly appreciated
What do I say when she does come back?

Do I make the first effort to speak with her or wait?

Do I hug or handshake?


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  • Give her this time to sort things out. Something's not right in Denmark here, and she sounds really Stressed out and very confused. In these 'Four weeks,' having some space and some time, she may also be doing some soul searching, and if you leave her alone for now, she just may come around.
    I can tell you first hand from my own personal experience, LDR is one of the hardest relationships to be in. It takes a lot of effort and patience from both partners to make this work. Even if it is for a short while.
    Contact her when she returns home. This a woman who at one point had wanted to spend eternity with you. You owe it to yourself, even to her, to find out where you Stand when she comes back.
    If she refuses to see you, hasn't changed her mind, then you would have surely Found your 'Closure,' doing what you could to----Try and fix this.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Here's my advice. She's not in her right mind, but each reply will make her statement hold stronger than it ever did before. Continue your life and just cross your fingers, in 1 month, 2, or maybe 6 month, at least one day she'll call back, I don't know when, but my intuitions are telling me that when she rests, she'll come to her senses.

    I know you're really sad man, but you have to think intelligently. Just let her be and check out your options with other girls for the meantime. Be patient, she'll come to her senses. I think she may have said her statement when you responded to her wish to break up with you. But just wait it out.


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