I want to cut my ex out but I'm afraid i'll regret it?

We tried the whole just sex thing, and we tried the whole no sex just friends thing. I don't think I can do it anymore. But i'm afraid I'll regret cutting him out. He's generally a nice person, but I feel like he's really judgmental and honest to the point of being cruel. Also he still treats me like i'm just a body sometimes. I want to cut him out... but then i'm like... what if i miss him...

what should i do?


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  • Give him one more shot: Call him right now and meet him face to face, otherwise do it through telephone, tell him: "I want your cruelty to end, though I don't want your honesty to (then lay down what you want)". If he's not being reasonable, or if he listens then rejects it, you have to dump him, it's the only way to move on. You are hesitant, but you have to trust yourself.

    • yeah i've done this like twice

    • Cut him off then. I know it's easier said than done. But it's following through your action, just commit to yourself. It'll be less painful down the road.

    • Thanks. =)

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  • Since you have no idea what you want from him, and you can't predict what he will want from you from one day to the next, you have the same relationship with him as you do with millions of men that you don't even know. I see no problem with dropping him, deciding what it is you want from a man, and then looking for someone who has those qualities. It will take some looking, but you already know your ex doesn't fulfill your desires.

  • break up with closure


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