Problems with my girlfriend and her family?

I really don't know what to do. I am in a really bad mood, I even cry sometimes.

Yesterday, I was texting with my girlfriend. It has been 8 months with her and she is the only person that I ever fell in love with. While she was texting to me, her father took her phone and he read our messages. Her family is just bigoted. We didn't do any sexting that day, only some love words and some bad words. Her father went mad and sent me a text to stay away from her. Only her mother knows about me in her family.

Her father took her phone and forbit any electronics forbitted going outside of the house. She has blocked me from facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, anything you can imagine. I haven't talked to her, I am talking with her best friend and she told me that my girlfriend wants everyone to think that we broke up. She says she doesn't want anything between her and her father. Her father will be driving her to school.

Please give me some ideas, I am crying while I'm writing them. I love her and I have no doubt that she loves me but I think we broke up. I mean, we won't be able to see each other, I will not be talking without her bestfriend what fucking kind of relationship is that? Please give me ideas to make me feel better because I am really messed up right now.
And she also told me with her friend that she won't brake up with me anytime but that she is afraid of I will broke up with her.


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  • Oh wow that sucks so bad. I'm sorry for your situation. Well is your GF just ready to drop everything with you because of her dad no questions asked? Did she try to work things out with her dad about all this?

    She could try talking to her dad to let him know that she is growing up, wants to date and really likes you... And she could ask her father what it would take to make him more comfortable with your relationship together.

    Do you think your gf would talk to him?

    8 months and you haven't met her family? That is sort of weird. So you both knew that she wasn't allowed to date then? Or is she just not allowed to date you?

    Maybe if you try to start fresh and meet her family? Maybe try to see if your gf would be allowed to have you over for a family dinner or something? You could get to know her dad and build trust with him?


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  • Honestly there isn't much you can do. I mean, if she's willing to be kicked out of her family for you then you both don't have a problem. But, I doubt she will do it. I think you might need to move on because its not looking pretty.

    • I don't want to beleive that there is not any other way...

  • My ex and I went through this. We did break up because of it. How old are you?


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