I need help deciding whether to stay or leave, please help?

My partner is into drugs and smokes and his friends and I always get left behind plus I have ask if we can have date night once a month but nothing has happened as of yet and I guess I just need help with deciding if I should stay with him or if I should just leave, please help.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I would normally say leave cause if he's into drugs he not going to go anywhere in life. It took me a long time to see that and I learned many of hard lessons in cluding going to jail for someone who I thought was like a brother to me. But I can't tell you where you should love him or not but the best a vice I can give is look into your future a create a reasonable 1 year plan and if by 3 month he not moving in the same direction you are then it's time to go. If he streaten up and start going in the right direction then maybe got a chance at life together


Most Helpful Girl

  • As a drug addict he is putting his drugs first.
    If you're okay with constantly being 2nd in his life , then continue to stay.
    I advise you to tell him how you feel.
    Let him know that if he doesn't try to make things better
    you will leave.
    Even if you voice your opinion it may not be a wake up call.
    He is an addict, and needs help.
    He needs to first want to stop for himself, only then will he be able to make improvements.
    But at least you will walk away from the situation knowing you tried and
    didn't hold anything back.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Why do you want to stay with him?

  • The girl I'm going to start dating, is also in to weed. We live in a place where it's still illegal (the only two places that have legalized recreational is Colo. and Wash. St.). The only way I would break up with her over it is if indeed she was breaking a date, just to smoke. She's choosing weed, over me, a person, she obviously has interest in, otherwise she wouldn't have said yes. However, if she's also not telling me that I'm getting in to a loaded car, then that's immediate ground for dismissal. Why? If the car gets pulled over, and they find pot, we ALL go to jail. I don't need "possession" on my record

    • Basically, it's up to you... if you don't trust him, there's probably no relationship

What Girls Said 1

  • Talk to him, but if he doesn't listen leave him. Make sure you give him a chance to change though :)


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