I still like my ex girlfriend?

ok. i was dating this girl for a while. everything was all good i think. anyways, she broke it off saying she doesn't have the time for a relationship right now and needs to get to know me bettter. and she also said she wanted to be just friends for now. she said she still likes me. but i don't know what to think. i think of her very often. anyways, was just wondering if you girls would say that just to let it off easy? I don't know man. we have been broken up for at least 2 weeks now.


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  • If she did break up with you because she wants to get to know you better, 2 weeks is definitely not enough to get to know someone. Give her some more space, and if she's going to like you, she will. If she doesn't, you'll have to take the cue and move on.

  • It could mean either but just give her some space but try talk to her but not to much you don't want to push her away she needs time to think if she really wants to this yet


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