"You're too good for me. Someone else will make you happier. Don't wait for me anymore."?

My girlfriend broke up with me a few days back and she said that I'm too good for her.

When I told her that she's better than she thought and I'm putting in so much effort because I want to give her what she truly deserves. She told me that someone else will make me happier, she's not the one for me as she's not worth it.

I thought she may still be uncertain of our relationship and I said I'll wait for her. She told me not to wait for her anymore.

She still reads my social media updates and I think that means she still cares about me. She's avoiding to answer me when I asked if she still loves me. Why is she doing this?

We have only been together for 8 months, but I truly believe that she's the one for me. I really love her and want her back. What should I do?


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  • I just got dumped about 6 weeks ago after dating her for 8 months also. The reason she gave me was that felt like I was pushing her away, and that she felt like I wasn't happy with her anymore and that I deserved to be happy. When I told her that I was happy, and asked her how i pushed her away she said that she just felt like i had become disinterested, that sometimes around my friends i acted completely different than i did around my family or when we were alone. That she wished I was more affectionate like I was when we first started dating. Then she told me that she wasn't sure if she was happy any more. And thats what hurt me. We hardly ever argued, I thought we had a great relationship. Her response was I thought we did too, I thought you were "the One" I told my Dad and Aunt that I thought you were the one, and now Im not sure sure I just have a lot of mixed feelings right now, I dont know what to do. She asked for time and Space and thats what I've been trying to give her. It was been So hard not call, not to text, to send her a message on facebook. she's been hot and cold towards me a few times she's reached out texted me, liked my post on facebook. But the next day she'll ignore me or tell me she needs more time. This past week she blocked me on Facebook because I liked some of her posts.
    I think she's liking ur social media updates because she still is interested. Of course she still cares about you. I think it would be hard to forget someone after dating for 8 months. I think maybe its easier for her to just check in without actually making contact. When you guys broke up did she ask for any time and space? Since the break up have you kept in touch? Love makes us do crazy things and I probably messed up any chance I had at getting back together by waiting too long to give my ex time and space. But You also shouldn't blame yourself I did that too. Im sure she has other issues or things bothering her and she doesn't want to drag you in.

    • Yes. She did ask for space and time. And yes we are still keeping in touch.

      I managed to convince her to tell me more and she said she's afraid of my criticism. She feels that she's not fit to be in a relationship, on top of the fact that she feels that she can't commit.

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  • Honestly that line seems like a cop out to me. Isn't the point of relationships to be with someone you think is wonderful?

    I'm guessing she thinks she can't give you what you want/need or just isn't ready to.


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  • I used that line before; don't know why though. She was just too crazy, wild, and too much of a sloot for me to be with. I think she used it as a cop out to other issues she has with you that she doesn't want to get into.

  • its a coverup and lies for someone who dont love you and just out to hurt you


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