Which of the following situations would you rather choose in this situation and why?

You are neighbours with the one you love, just that things didn't go that well.
1. that person simply stops talking to you and stops any kind of contact. (real life or internet), yet meet as neighbours.
2. that person still goes out with the group you two were part of initially.
Which one would you rather choose and why?


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  • Option number one. If we were simply neighbors, we wouldn't see each other as frequently as if we went out with the same group of friends.

    • Guess you are right in your way. But you would still pass by his house every single day.

    • At least the chances of seeing his face wouldn't be so high.

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  • 2. Because it makes things less awkward.


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  • I choose to stay as friends and still go for outing as a group. Life is short and people should learn to enjoy it. There is no point holding grudges because it waste a lot of time and energy and sooner or later people forget why the were mad to start with.
    If I really loved a person, that person would always have a special place in my heart and I still would want them to be a part of my life.

  • number 2 I guess but depends on the situation and why they stop ignoring you

  • No contact is always ideal.

  • Choice 1, definitely

    • Because I like clean breaks. Anything else is sloppy.

    • So in your opinion it would be easier to get over him if you'd cut it loose completely. yet you'd still be reminded every day of that person when you get out of the house.
      Note to self: don't make neighbour your SO.

    • Yup. At least I wouldn't have to talk to him and keep being reminded of his personality lol

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