Friends with him? It really breaks my heart to reach this point with the one I love?

I just went out for dinner with my " ex " it's been like 5 years being with him on and off and now for the first time
he says we're friends..
I wanted to talk about our relationship and explaining things to him
he said don't ruin the night
i don't care about all this anymore and i'm out with you as a friend don't make me regret this

he said that I'm a really good person but not a lover
and that i'm the hardest person to be in a relationship with and that i'm the best but he's tired..

our problem is that he thinks i'm childish and that i get jealous easily

I saw a part of him today I never really saw
he seemed sad with his life

I can't be friends with the first guy in everything
i can't really be a friend with someone I trusted so much and I gave everything ,, I get it he thinks it's hopeless but seriously how can he look at me and not remember all the things we did?

and also , i mentioned a guy's name to him and he gave me the look.. as if he's jealous what should I understand from this?

guys how can you be friends with an ex who means the world to you?

how can I change his mind about this I really need him as a boyfriend i can't just start with someone stranger..


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  • I could not be "just friends." with any woman especially not with an ex.

    As far as getting him back? Distance is likely your only hope. Tell him you can't just be friends, cut off all contact and see if he then seeks you out. If it's really over then it isn't meant to be anymore. And keep in mind you didn't always know this guy. He was a stranger once too. You can meet someone new if you're open to it.


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  • You can. By being so in love with them that their happiness matters most to you.


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