Is this considered cheating? a girl going out with another guy on his bike?

Girl I was dating didn't call or text me anything that day, I was worried about her and contact her brother sisters to know if she is ok and no one could tell me if they saw her , I was worried about her if she was ok because I cared about her.

then later that day she told me sorry I forgot my phone i was with a friend and then later told me she was with another guy on his bike.
I ask her why she just didn't text me in the morning to let me know she is alive and going out with a friend.
she said is ok since she said I am probably see other girls and we are long distance and said if I was closer she would not do such things. But I told her I lived with my parents I don't go out and don't have many friends and of course would be impossible for me to cheat and I don't want to cheat. I feel as if I was not important enough that I was worried for not hearing from her until late in the evening that day.


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  • sounds like you really have feelings for her. i personally would not consider that cheating, but i do wonder about her statement "we are long distance and said if I was closer she would not do such things". maybe she doesn't take this as seriously as you do? it's a lot easier to justify questionable behavior when you're in a long distance relationship. people have physical needs. where do you see this relationship going?


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  • This is one of the pitfalls of a LDR. I don't think she was cheating. Nothing wrong with having friends of the opposite sex. It was just a bike ride.


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  • yeah there's nothing to worry about, u need get loose a little bit.. it was just a fun ride. just to try to build a better communication next time, not only by text but also with something that could be real enough to notice..


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