How do I get him to talk through our break up with me?

Me and this guy I was kind of seeing (with a lot of history) recently sort of broke up I guess.
We've been a bit off and on recently but I feel like this is very final.
It was more like a massive argument over message and so we haven't spoken in person yet, it has been almost week since the fight.
When i've asked him too he has asked for space but i really need to talk because this is ruling my life, freaking me out and i need it resolved.
I have left him alone for a few days now.
He has a class tomorrow and I live on campus so I was considering sending him this message
'Can you please come to mine between classes? We really have to talk about this...'

What do you think I should do?


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  • honestly go up to him in person and finalize it tell him that you don't want to argue but you do want to talk like friends. Then just tell him whats on your mind but be ready to listen to what he has to say either the good or the bad. stop texting, don't call, no messaging on the net. just strait up walk up to him talk and finalize this issue so you can have peace and move on.

  • its over you two arnt right for each other if you break up there's a high chance it will happen again. my advice is get over the realtionship, talk to friends get your mind off the topic. the sooner you realise its over the sooner you can find some one else

    • i know it's over but i need to talk it through and give him back his stuff etc. That's what I mean...

    • if he wants his stuff he will come to you and I've been in the same situation as you and it will just make the situation worse after like 3 months both of you will just want to be friends.

    • Just send him a text and tell him to come get his stuff

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