What are some things you do to make yourself feel better when you're really missing someone?

I'm really missing someone right now and it hurts. I haven't spoken to him in 3 months and I just miss him so much. I know some of you will tell me to just speak to him but I really really can't because he is dating someone else now.

What do you do when you miss them so much? And you just want to know where they are and what they are doing? And it really hurts? What do you do to feel better?
good question. i dont know


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  • Just go and dance. Dance all the emotion out. Sweat buckets. Dance more, when the people clap and cheer for you double your dancing efforts. Missing someone is the perfect emotional energy to dance to. You lose yourself in the music and you can flow like a river.

    I love to dance :)

    • As a side note: If you're too shy to do it don't worry. You're mind is fixated on the missing person and you don't really notice anyone else around you. Just lose yourself in the music.

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    • You're doing well. Just don't give up on yourself and you'll succeed ;) I wish you good luck and happy hunting in the future!

    • lol yah trying super hard haha
      Thanks though I wish you good luck too!!! :)

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  • Just get mad mad mad active... do not leave yourself a moment to dwell. Do that until you can think clearly again.

  • i like to beat one off. works most the time


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  • date other people and when u alone in ire room id just cry and pray. that bitch that he's with will fuck up and when she does. and then id be like baby i told u that bitch ain't shit lol

    • lol

      I do meet other guys but I end up feeling sad about it when I get home because I miss him :(
      i think it makes things worse

  • Your right, I would have said just speak to him. Just because he is dating someone else doesn't mean you can't simply say "hello, how are you doing"... He might feel the same way you feel. :-)
    If you still insist on not saying anything to him, just try to stay busy and search for someone else. Do you love this person?

    • I'm trying really hard to keep busy. Since I stopped talking to him 3 months ago I've met a few guys, and I probably kind of liked 2 or 3 of them, but then it triggers something in me and makes me miss him more :(

      How do I know if I love him?

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    • Thanks but I really can't since he is dating someone else now. Just trying to move on.

    • ok, i understand. :) good luck

  • how long did you guys go out for?

    • we never dated.. we were friends for almost 3 years long time and he even considered me his "best friend" but I realized afterwards that he had a crush on me the whole time. we never dated but it was obvious we really liked each other. even all of our friends knew we liked each other. But then I had to cut him off because he kept on confusing me. Now he's dating someone else.

    • oh right, hmmmmm well you can always strike a convo like hey hows it going etc etc and go from there?

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