My ex-boyfriend is confusing me and I want him back?

My boyfriend broke up with me about a month ago. We were together for over a year and he said he didn't feel the same for me anymore. Last week, he came over to talk and get his things back because he was away for a few weeks. He told me something that left he really confused, he said "In my mind, it's over, so I'm trying to not let my feelings change my decision". Can anyone give me insight into what this means? I really want to be with him and have been working on bettering myself so I don't behave the same way in the relationship.


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  • It means he loves you as a person and has memories of you two in his head but doesn't see you in terms of being your boyfriend at this time/any longer. It was a respectful comment by say he cares about you without leading you on.


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  • your ex sounds exactly like my ex.

    wanted to break it off, but then didn't want to at the same time. boys these days

    • so frustrating!!! lol

    • basically ahhahaha

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