GUYS: what does it mean when you want to then dont want to break up?

my ex did this to me... he said he wants to break up but then doesn't want to break up at the same time.

what does this mean?


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  • He's definitely having second thoughts. Maybe he wants to be single again, and then thinks about how much work it is to meet someone, date, take things to the next level, so on and so forth and then checks himself. It would be one way of explaining his ambivalence. I'm just trying to think of it from a guys perspective. I know some guys think this way. I don't, I'm either in, or I'm out.

    • so does this mean like they want to live the single life without responsibility but then like the 'stability' of a girlfriend kinda thing? like the perks of being single but the perks of having a gf at the same time?

      he broke up cause he said he couldnt juggle uni, work, friends and me at the same time... he says i shouldn't accept less than my worth... and he started crying. it was weird cause the week before our breakup he said he wanted me to sleep over each week... then the week after he changed his mind.

      so weird im confused

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    • he sounded really genuine when he said it for me to sleep over it felt great... i think he got freaked out cause the fact he cancelled his plans with his friend to spend more time with me, i think thats when he's like oh crap im turning into those guys that says 'i can't come i have to see my gf'

      and his parents are divorced so it affected him to think that he wanted to break it off sooner than later so we both dont get hurt as much

      if you get what i mean?

    • Pay attention to what he does now. Not what he says. THAT, is where you will find the answer you are looking for. Half the people I know parents are divorced. Didn't affect their relationships at all. But yes I see the logic in what you are saying.

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