Should I get back with my ex boyfriend?

We met a year and half ago, then we are in a relationship until 5 months ago he broke up with me because he went back to his ex. 2 months ago he said he ended everything with his ex. I talked to him yesterday and he said he's been going out with another girl ( he said just friend but they kissed) for a month and he is confused.
I loved him a lot but now after all I almost lost all the attract to him. I didn't even feel like want to go out and talk with him again. Still feel something and thinking could be a beautiful relationship, but I don't feel I want to make any effort for him, unless he shows his effort to win me back-- well I don't know if he really loves me that much.
How to do is wisely?


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  • You owe it to yourself to end the second guessing. Ask him to join you for a coffee to catch up, and work up to the topic that he ended things with you prematurely.
    See if there is a spark between you. Don't be passive and expect him to jump your way. It's a new age, and women have as much right and responsibility to initiate relationships now.

    Otherwise you will always wonder.


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