How do I get my ex back after being too "clingy"?

I dated this guy for almost two months, he breaks up with me saying he missed being single at first then later saying I was too clingy. Any idea on how to get him back and showing him that I've changed? (It's been almost a year) Me and Him are good friends now.


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  • I think he just wants to be able to mess with girls.. I've been tempted with those thoughts but got my self back on track.. Well.. I think it's best that you move on.. As hard as that is.. But if you really want him back.. Then tell him that he was special and that you have learned to be a better girlfriend through self examination (or self valuation or "I saw what I was doing wrong") then ask if you can get a second chance (or "another chance")

  • There's no real way to "get him back". If a guy isn't ready for a relationship then there's nothing you can do about it. Trying to force some one into a relationship is recipe for disaster.


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