Does my ex bf really hate me or is he just in pain?

My ex and i were together for ten months and had an amazing relationship.
We had a connection that very few couples have.
He broke up with me out of the blue but we never had problems in our relationship.
Its been 3 months now and i miss him very much.
I have never heard from him until i started dating other guys...
His friends told him so and since then he hates on me, he is doing drugs and he drinks a lot.
Well.. He dumped me so why does he act like this :c he knows i love him wirh whole my heart.
He has never been this way what is going on?


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  • First off, it sounds like he didn't perceive your relationship the same way you did. There was a reason he broke it off.
    His feelings for you changed somehow. I would guess his hostility towards you would be him covering up his feelings he once had. He is saying these things to his buddies so more than likely he wants to appear strong, in control and over you. Whatever his feelings were, they are no longer there.
    The best thing you can do is let go of your attachment to him and move on. Don't concern yourself with what he says about you. When you don't care what he says, then you know you are over him. Move on with your life and be happy.

    • But why would he tell me he loves me so much the day before he broke up with me :c it doesn't make sense to me

    • Honestly, in the end it doesn't matter. I can't tell you why. All that matters is that it is over. Dwelling on it and analyzing why he did anything will only hinder you from moving on with your life.
      Young love is a fickle thing. Let it go and experience life. Put him as a part of your past. Look forward, not backwards.

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  • Guys are stubborn, some try to be a macho man and try to suppress their feelings. But it only lasts a little bit... then it will start eating his heart out. Its a pretty common defense mechanism.

  • Well I can tell you something for sure: He's not over you.

    You see the opposite of love isn't hate... it's indifference. The fact that he expresses a (negative) emotion means he is having a hard time getting over what you guys might of had together.

    There isn't much you can do but sit back and not contact him, and go date other people... you just need to wait till things cool down a little, and then think about contacting him - give it a month or two.

    • We don't talk anymore, we tried to be friends but it was too painfull.
      I will always love him and i hope he hates on me because he still loves me and that he will come back to me someday.

    • He might, he might not. You can never be too sure.

  • You answered your own question on "what is going on." He broke up with you for whatever reason he decided (hard to say without an explanation on his reasoning) and from there he likely tried to move on and meet another woman, he failed where you succeeded and now he is jealous that you are in a good place while he isn't. His self pity turned to hate and his hate turned to drugs which amplified his mental considerations toward what he considers the object of his sorrow, you, and thus he is taking it out on you.

    This happens quite often so is an easy scenario to comprehend from an outside source.


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