Does my ex actually want this break up?

My boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me about 2 weeks ago, but has still been keeping regular contact with me. Texting me day/and or night, showed up at my apartment unannounced, came into my work, and we've had several long phone conversations. He talks about what a hard time he's having and that he misses seeing me all the time. He asked me to send him any pictures I still had of us and was upset that I "unfollowed" him on social media. He has never been clingy or over-protective. In fact, we had a very trusting, easy going relationship. We had recently gone on vacation and had a wonderful time. Throughout the relationship we have always had an incredible sex life. His reasons for breaking up were kinda shaky, and all of our friends were surprised about the break up. Is he regretting the break up, or am I reading too much into the situation?


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  • Initially, he did. Now, however, he clearly does not. The breakup was obviously a common exercised mistake made by many. It was premature and unwell reasoned. This can often occur when a partner or partners in a relationship carries doubts about their companion, or their relationship, over the course of a few weeks or a few moths months. Which may eventually lead them to feel that their is a irreversible chasm in the relationship, and therefor the relationship ultimately doomed. And as a consequence, they tend to have the belief that it's in their best interest to get out.

    With time, as always, or should I say, in many cases, the person (s) realizes his, her or their mistake, etc., and start to display needy, clingy behavior. Too often, though, such people are reluctant to admit outright that they want to reconcile, perhaps due to a fear of being rejected by their ex.

    So, you, see, you are not reading too much into this, and, it's not just you. He is not emotionally ready to let go or move on. Hence his hard time.

  • Hello,

    I know your gong through something very hard at the moment. But you must come to an ends and understand that the relationship has broken. You are clearly super hurt. And he clearly isn't. He is using you at the moment to get through his hard time in the break up. Aka not having you anymore. But at the sametime, he does have you, because you still allow him into your life. Aka talking to him and doing w. e he wants. If he was actually super super hurt, he would be begging for you back, not asking you for pictures of the good times you guys had. Why does he need pictures? for what? to marry someone else and jack off to the good times you had? CLEARLY NOT!!!

    Listen miss, I know this is hard to understand, but he's using you to make sure you don't have someone else at the moment. TIll he completely heals and then doesn't need you anymore. I would suggest you cut contact off TODAY. You need to fill your life with things you wanna do now, and not sit around and cry over this anymore, because he's doing w. e he wants. Hello he's asking you for pictures to make himself happy and doesn't care about you. He did the breaking up, HE SHOULD DO THE FIXING IF HE REALLY LOVES YOU. None of this bullshit back and forth crap. If he really loved you, he would be chasing your ass like your leaving the solar system if he loved you and didn't want to end the relationship.

    You need to do what you want now. You have to be selfish. Honesly put your foot down. If he plays bluff and then says okay bye. YOU HAVE TO STAY STRONG AND DO W. E MAKES YOU HAPPY IN LIFE, AND THEN YOU WILL FIND HAPPINESS AGAIN. NOT WITH SOMEONE ELSE, BUT WITHIN YOURSELF, AND THEN YOU WILL FIND SOMEONE ELSE. You have to love yourself before you can love another. That's how life works.

    Cut him off. he's waste now anyways. Sorry to say, but he is.


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