Self Help book recommendations, really struggling here?

I am going through a very difficult time. I am trying to move on from a very deep 4 year unrequited love relationship. I wanted to believe that he had similar feelings but his actions do not line up, and I haven't confronted him about it. I am looking for recommendations on books that can help me move on from this. I am alone where I moved and don't have too many friends that are helpful with this. Any help or advice is welcomed.


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  • I think the Book of Buddha gave me more insight than any book I've ever read. it gave a me a true sense of self, purpose and direction


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  • I don't know any books, but try asking co workers and what friends you do have. Or maybe go home to familiar surroundings for a bit to get your legs back so to speak.

  • We are in the same boat, I thought she was my soulmate. Truth is you will never forget him. Sorry.

    Do this: cry, pray to God, start some kind of project and finish it (I made a presentation about body language.), Watch a lot of TV.

    And most important, avoid seeing him, if he lives near you, move to a new city:

    She ran into me every 2 or 3 weeks for months. I threw down the whole semester because of her.
    Eventually she got the wrong impression that I would kill her husband, which I would have never done, but she moved away finally. I thank God for that.

    Now I recover slowly, but I finally don't feel like killing myself anymore. I try to bury myself in work and end up praying to God that we have a happy ending together, which I hope we will have in heaven.

    Basically I can't think of my past, I have no real hope for the future. I try to think, what can I do in this very moment to please God. Actually answering this question is a waste of time for me.

    I tried hypnosis, didn't work. I tried psychology, didn't work. I tired demonising her, with a list of all her faults didn't work I tried asking on this site, didn't work. But with each day it gets a little easier. But if she would show up and tell me she wants me, I would take her without a second thought.

    I love her, I will always love her.

    Each day makes it a little better.

    You could try going out with friends, I haven't tried that.
    Or you find a new guy, and enjoy mindless fucking. Actually that was what helped me the first time she and I broke up.

    I hope I will find love again. Actually I hope her husband dies, but logic dictates that I don't wait for that.

    I love her. Sorry, the heart does what it wants.


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