Help. what should I say to my boyfriend?

I love my boyfriend and was even pregnant and ready to move in with him. I'm not pregnant anymore and also feeling overwhelmed with my kids, school, and work and very tight budget. So I can't give him the time he needs and that we need to progress and I've noticed he's not very happy but says he loves me and will be patient but I'm losing faith in the way it's going and he's getting frustrated.
I don't want to lose him but I don't feel I can carry a relationship right now and he's tight on money too right now. I think we could try again in the future when we're in better situations if we focus on ourselves right now, maybe be friends until that time but maybe see each other too. I don't know what I want right now and don't know what to say to him.


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  • You can't say anything to him because you can't even articulate what you want. Focus your energy of figuring that out, first.

  • You seem to be the one who has a lot to work on since you do not know what you want. The reason he is frustrated is because of you.


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