Is it over and why am I going crazy?

We dated for a year and broke up at the end of May. She also had a kid that I treated like my own son.. She wanted space due to how I handled our arguments which led into constant bickering and nonstop bitching so I usually threw in the flag and gave up. But when she wanted space I gave it to her and she would text me to bring her stuff which was a DVD and controller. The DVD was a movie she never watched and the controller was to her tv that could easily be replaced. And that went on for 3 weeks because I lived 2.5 hrs away. She said I was trying to drag it on which I wasn't. So I called her up told her I wasn't happy how things were going and I can only change my flaws and she said I wasn't going to change. That went on for about 10 mins then finally said I just need closure. She then said it's over.. So I let it go and 3 days later she texts me making sure I'm not with my ex and if I was to do anything with her then there would be no future between me and her. I had her blocked on anyway to contact me except fb, so after I didn't respond she called 40x left 2 vm's crying. She then fb message me apologizing for letting everything get in the way saying I'm the one. So I gave in and called we both cried and talked about our problems and she said she was still hurt. The next day she was still mad and I begged her to forgive and forget and us move on from this, but when I was coming into town she apologized for calling the day before and she should have never called. Now a month later she is in a relationship with another guy. I'm going crazy because we had plans to marry and kids etc.. is it over? She's with someone and I have been someone since the breakup but I never thought of getting into another relationship like she has.


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  • Yes it is over.

    You are feeling crazy because you feel that there's still something between you up to now. But you gotta let go of that.. because she was just probably playing with your feelings. She doesn't like the feeling of being left out... so she passed that feeling to you.


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  • Oh wow anonymous. There's so much here. I attempt to focus on few points.

    "is it over?" -

    Yes. And it's been over you just didn't know it.

    And secondly, the reason she contacted you probing about your ex and you is this:

    Sex is a woman's most powerful form of currency. For some it is the only one they have, simply because it is the only one they need. And it has been that way from the dawn of time. They want to be the only ones to get you off, or the only one's not getting you off. That is the power of their currency. Very few would ever admit this of course so bring on the thumbs down ladies, I welcome it. Sex is the first card they pull, but if you call them out on it they will flip.

    So she wanted to make sure you were suffering under her power. She needed she still held it over you and if you're with someone else than they don't have it anymore.

    • You're right.. I felt like I was blinded but at the same time Everytime we were around each other we never fought, our arguments were mainly about social media and baby daddy issues. I never fell for a girl like I did with her. I was in a 5 year relationship before her too. Sex was good and everything. I just can't get over the memories we had made it that short time.. Everyone but her I guess thought we were going to get married

    • Brother, you will need time to get over her. Could be 3 months could be 3 years. You still have to live your life and I recommend being open starting now or at least in the not so distant future. You never know who or what is around the bend.

    • Thanks man!

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