Is she playing games? Do you think she still has feelings for me/Us? Why are girls Hot and Cold?

Me and my ex were dating for 8 months and already living together. Its been 6 weeks of her acting hot and cold, she reaches out, when I do the same she backs away and says she still needs time and space. That she's confused and has a lot of mixed feelings. Over that time period she liked a couple of my pictures I posted on Facebook. Yesterday I like a couple of pictures she he had posted and then she blocked me... I really don't understand whats going on. Why is it okay for her to like stuff on my Facebook but its not okay for me to like hers? This past weekend she texts me and says Sorry I haven't picked up my mail (Shes been receiving mail since she moved out still but she says she doesn't know why because she changed her address). I told her not to worry and asked if she also wanted to the rest of her stuff back...(She left her microwave and pots and pans and some movies) she asked "Why? are you not using them? My reply was that I just figured she could get all her stuff so I dont bother her anymore. Again she responds "lol, you dont bother me, why do you say that?" I finally told her that its because she's been so hot and cold towards me since we broke up, I explained about how she's been when she tries to contact me vs when I reach out to her. She just said "I'm Sorry" My last reply was "Its Fine, Hope all is Well" and she said "Same to you". I still love this girl. Its been almost 7 weeks now and I can't stop thinking about her. I've been going out with my friends, even went skydiving but I dont understand why she's blocking me, why she reaches out and then backs away, Why she's still getting mail, Why she doesn't just come get her stuff. I guess I feel weak minded also for not just telling her to come get it. I mean should I do that? Any advice how to respond, What to do, how to proceed is appreciated.


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  • Maybe she started seeing someone else..

    • I have to agree with this

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    • She might be, I really dont know. Im sure there a possibility that she could. Before she blocked me on Facebook I noticed she started adding a bunch of friends most of them were her co-workers but others were guys. It could be coincidence but it seemed like every time I updated my status about going out or doing something she updated hers too. When we were together most of her status updates used to be about her daughter or about something we did together etc. Lately its was like "WTF", "I had so much fun this weekend", "Loving Life", "Really"

    • All I can say is text her and ask her like seriously what's up with you two? Maybe she's enjoying her freedom and going out and meeting new people. I really don't know

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