Can someone help me understand?

I thought this guy really liked me, so I asked him, and he said that he doesn't see himself with a girl at this point in his life (this means he doesn't like me right?) So when this happened at first I was sad, but I got over it, I felt fine I was good.

But I tried to stay friends with him , and when I texted him last night to ask him how he's been, he replied asking who it was... and I'm so crushed, and I can't stop crying. Why do I feel so upset know, I thought I was fine


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  • You will be alright. Your emotions do not know where to go, they are running around your head, and heart.

    Try and reach out and find something to hold on to.

    I hold on to God.

    A man who will forget you so quickly wasn't worth your time in the first place.

    • thanks for replying. I part where you said that he's not worth it if he forgets about me really hit home. Makes me feel a little better. Logically I know I shouldn't care, I don't understand why I do

    • We are all created with a hole in our hearts, desperate for love.

      Our hearts work to tell us things we want to hear, we plan entire futures with people just by looking at them.

      Sometimes the worst pain we can feel is from rejection from someone you barely know. Because your heart has already filled your mind with what could be.

      You will be okay. Learn to let your instincts smack your heart upside it's head. It'll suck, but you will never again be in a situation like this if you listen to your gut.

    • Thank you for MH!

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  • Don't take is personally. You are a great gal. It's not about you, it's about him.
    Don't fret over it much. Move on

  • Meh. Girl, don't waste your tears. Move on.


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