What do u think my best friend should do?

My best friend has been in a very complicated relationship for a long time now.1 year i think. he is 16 years old and his girlfriend frequently tells him she wants to just be friends and then he gets so sad and says those things about how much he loves her and how sad he is then some time later they are back together. ( by the way his girlfriend wants to keep the relationship secret for a reason i don't know) now my best friend moved to the u. s and they will never see each other again so she says she wants to be just friends again, so now he starts to say those things again about how much he loves her. i tried multiple times to tell him to cut all communications and stop talking to her but he says no and he still loves her and that he will never find someone else and bla bla bla. so what do u think i should do and what do u think he should do?
he has been in the u. s for a month now and he is still soaked about her and she is all he thinks about.


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  • this guy is hung up on this chick
    she obviously never really liked him to begin with and was probably using him to fill some hole in her heart or something to that extent. i think she is cruel and honestly, your friend needs a wake up call.
    i have to be honest, he might be your best friend and all, but there are some things you can and can't do in that position. sometimes the person himself just needs to wake up and smell the burnt bacon. he might realize it sooner or later. i mean, over time, she might get tired of him and start keeping less and less contact with him until he gets the big picture. but for now, i think you should just support him and try to be there for him, so if he really does fall he'll have a shoulder to cry on... despite the distance.

    • i can't see him like this all the time its like this girl has him in her palm she can make him sad and then happy whenever she wants, she chooses when they become friends and when they are more than that and the only one suffering is my friend and im getting a feeling she will never cut the communications between because she is a manipulative cruel *#####.
      i think im going to tell her that and see what she says, i dont care if he gets mad he will always forget in a few weeks.

    • Good choice.

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  • Forget about her. Long distance relationships never work. But he's in love so its gonna be a while. As for u its best if u stay out of their relationship. I get tired of people talking about their on again off again gf/bf and I try to change the subject.

  • That sounds like me. well all I can say from my own experience long distance relationships never work. I was like him saying they will work they will not even 7 days and we broke up. tell ur friend it won't work. there are plenty of fish in the sea.


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