Does anyone have any idea what my ex is trying to tell me?

My ex and I had the closest relationship and we loved eachother so much but I made a mistake one night and made out with another girl which she later on found out. Till this day she hasn't been the same person. We went back out and the broke up several times but its always arguments and then making up between us. Now its the summer and I haven't seen her in a month and we have gotten really distant. I started talking with her again because I just miss her so much, and she told me that we had some bad times and good and she has enjoyed her time with me but she said its time to move on. She said i should find another girl that will treat me right and will be much prettier than she is (which is impossible because she's gorgeous) and that she doesn't want us to lose me and become distant and she wants to stay close friends. Is she trying to get rid of me or is she testing me to see if I will fight for her back?


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  • That girl and I have the same personality! She's not trying to get rid of you, she just knew that you're not the right man for her and it's time for both of you to move on, but since she will think that avoiding you is an unwise thing to do, she decided to be your closest friend.


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