Just got dumped by someone I wasn't even dating?

Ok so I was kinda seeing this guy we weren't exclusive but we were dating and he just dumped me a couple hours ago.. He said he never liked me he just thought I was cute and fun so he wanted to see if he could like me. We only been on 3 dates and yes I was shy but all our dates were watching movies it's hard to be yourself when u only watch movies. He thinks I'm boring obviously and he didn't even give me a chance to show him the reall me. So he obviously isn't worth the sadness right? I feel so bad and I feel like we would have been perfect if he waiting for me.

I know it's part my fualt because guys have told me I'm too shy bafore but I don't know how to act.. What do u guys think about this do u think it was my fault or his? Or do u think It was just an excuse? And guys what makes you like a girl when u first start dating? How does she act? Thanks
Also I wanna add we been seeing each other for 2 months and he only asked me out three times.. And when I did talk about myself he didn't seem interested and be never made a effort to talk to me


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  • It is neither fault, you two aren't compatible clearly. You sounds like a nice girl, but he seems to want something else. There's nothing wrong with that, and he isn't worth being upset over :)

    "How does she act?" If I were dating someone she would act like herself, and if I liked her, I would like her as she is. There is nothing wrong with you being shy or quiet, there are a lot of people who like that sort of thing

    • When he meet me though I was outgoing and crazy and that's what he said he likes but for some reason when I found out a guy likes me I turn more shy and ya it sucks

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  • I think on your date (s) you should try to open up more.
    Let them know the type of person you are.
    Try to work on your shyness, it only sets you back.
    It's impossible to establish a connection with someone when you feel they are holding back.

    • Thanks but now I realize he siding try either by reeeading my messages I learned that

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  • He probably wanted to get laid, and after 3 dates you didn't and he wasn't into you so he cut it off. The way he did it was really rude and childish but at the end of the day, he's probably just not into you. You weren't in a committed relationship so oh well. On to the next one right?

    • I appreciate the advice but It wasn't oh well my feelings were invested in here. But I asked him what he wanted from me and he said if he wanted sex he would have done it by now and then he gave me the not liking me crap

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    • I'm sure it does hurt. Everyone wasn't to have someone in their life so I don't mean to sound like you shouldn't.

      Every guy wants to have sex. That's just a fact. I'm sorry, we can be gross people, but we want sex. It's just the way the world works. Even if we say we don't, we do. The fact that he said "he would've done it by now" makes it seem like he thinks it's entirely up to him. Kind of a rapey vibe. Maybe you're better off without him.

      For future reference, the guy doesn't always have to have the date idea. Maybe he's the boring one? His only idea was to watch a movie (which, if it's at someone's house, is code for I wanna try to have sex with you)

      With guys in the future, maybe recommend getting dinner? Going to a game?

    • Thanks a lot

  • He wanted to get laid. It didn't go anywhere. Leave him alone, not worth it.

    • I am going to leave him alone

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  • Let him go.. if he doesn't want to even get to know how wonderful you are or can be then it's his loss... meet someone who wants that!

    • Thanks I know I should and I will but I never experience this feeling before and it sucks

  • Woah movie dates? At his house or...


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