Ex trying to reach out? Confused! Please help!?

He left back in January and contacted me 3 days after, regularly since and wanted to be friends, I couldn't so I left him a message explaining why, blocked and deleted him, It's been 3 months, a few weeks back our mutual friend told me he had asked about me. Yesterday, he practically told our mutual friend to say "Hai" from him.

What does this mean? Is he reaching out? Playing it safe?
- My last message to him explained the reason why I couldn't be friends and I emphasized that I didn't want him to be in my life anymore, that I wanted to forget about him and move on with my life. So I'm confused as to why he'd ignore that...


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  • He "practically" did or he actually did?

    It just means that he wondered how you were doing.

    • He did, he told her to say "Hai" - which confuses me because I made it pretty clear I wanted to move on without him in my life.

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    • It still doesn't give me any answers as to why he would ignore my decision of no contact then? Why ask about me? Why even reach out through our mutual friend after I slammed the door in this face?

    • Because he probably figures that after 3 months you'd be over all of it and that'd you'd have no problems being casual. He asked about you because he wanted to know how you were doing. Another reason why he reached out is because the most that could happen is that you don't respond through your mutual friend. Simple. Its not like he called you or texted you or showed up to your house. Him reaching out through his friend is a situation that's in your hands cause you can either choose to respond or not. All he did was tell his friend to tell you he said hi. Take it with a grain of salt and keep it moving.

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