Is she over me? Pinterest is confusing me?

I dated this girl for 11 months and it was great for until the last month. We broke up and she has moved on to another guy. She was texting me while they were sorta talk I guess but I had no clue about it. I kept asking where she stands on us and she said she wasn't ready and that I haven't changed my ways and that was getting super angery during fights because she would just push my buttons to get a reaction.. But we followed each other on Pinterest but she unfollowed me after the break up but i can still see what she posts and she has quotes up like I miss you but then I realize how much of a jerk you are, and relationship quotes like can't just give up on someone that loves you because real relationships have problems etc. and that was 1-2 weeks into her new relationship. She knows how I feel about her and her son but she's so cold right now that I'm afraid to even text or call her because i would just end up getting hurt even worse


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  • I never was into Pinterest. :/


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  • If she's with another guy then there should be no confusion. Who cares what she posts, it's all just to get attention or to screw with your head to satisfy her ego. If she truly cared about you, she would have hidden the fact that she's with another guy at all cost. No one, male or female would let a person they care about know they are screwing someone else. Even if you got back with her, can you live with knowing she's only with you as her 2nd option because she probably got dumped?

    Bottom line, she don't give a rats ass about you, her actions proved that & you should delete everything about her. I know that hurts but it's the only way to move on. Or you can play her little game as she knows your reading her crap & drag your pain on. Remember, words mean nothing, go by a persons actions & you will always get your answer.

    • I almost completely agree with all of the points made above, but I do think people would tell them about the other person. Not always, especially if their intention is to keep you interested, but if they are genuinely confused about their feelings for someone I think they would probably discuss their current relationship status.

    • I mean she has deleted everyone from my family off Facebook or they have deleted her.. It does suck but it pisses me off because at the beginning of our relationship i hiccuped and made a mistake by hooking up with my ex, but I came back because I felt like I had a good girl and screwed things up because we could be honest and straight forward about everything. I told her every detail and when we broke up she texts me asking me about it again and that she had gotten more info on it from multiple sources. Hell I heard stuff while we were broke up but that didn't change how I felt about things and I definitely didn't think about getting into another relationship like she has.. She called me insecure and crazy but now its obvious that I wasn't crazy

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