Why do guys break up with you so hurtfully and then continue to be jerks?

Why do guys break up with you so harshly and then continue to treat you like dirt after the fact? Esp when nothing bad happened? My ex lost his job and fell into a depression. He dumped me coldly, saying he felt like a loser and a failure. Since then he is like a different person, ignoring me, speaking to me in a harsh tone. My friend said a few guys were asking him about me and he flat out pretended he didn't know me and wouldn't give them any info. It is so hurtful...


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  • He probably had other underlying reasons apart from his depression, otherwise there isn't really a point to being hostile.

    • His depression is a big part - he is emotionally unstable. There is no reason for him to be hostile. I think his unwillingness to give guys info about me is because he is being territorial, not so much hostile. I think he is pissed at how his life is turning out and he is pushing me as far away as he possibly can.

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  • he is immature and selfish. Move on, he does not deserve you.

  • He's allowed to break up with you if he feels like he can't be with you anymore. Don't take it so harshly

    • That's not the point, of course he's allowed. It's the cruel and disrespectful way he did it that is unnecessary. The point in life is to try not to hurt people - it is not OK to tread over people's feelings without giving it a second thought. I supported him and went to depression groups with him! This is a window into who he is and I'm glad I'm seeing it...

    • Well, he wanted to get it across to you. When women try and break up with us "nicely" we think you're just playing hard to get. Something tough love is just the way to go

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  • ok to be honest and not offend you, he is just a big baby, and if you didn't do anything wrong why put up with his attitiude,?

    if i were you, if he comes back tell him to get lost and dont tkae his tones or insults lightly, espeacialy if he act infront of people that he doesn't know you, it means he never respected you... so forget him.


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