My ex invited me to a party and then did a 180 afterwards... What happened?

My ex wanted to make a date to hang out plus he invited me to his pool party. The party was great - he was very attentive but I was cautious because the breakup was still new. During the party, five guys came up to me and gave me their business cards and were openly flirting with me- I was friendly but did not reciprocate. My ex (who is naturally VERY jealous) did not look happy. A guy asked him about me and he snapped "I don't know her, I have no idea". The next day he emailed me and cxld our plans for Saturday and said he'd touch base with me soon. Is he being a big baby here?


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  • Yes, and for someone who has no Dibs on you anymore, he needs to take his Rattle and Rattle it elsewhere. He was just being this 'VERY jealous' Ex, so typical, who Still think he owns you, and being you're not in a relationship anymore, 'Still new,' he has yet to Lick a few of his war wounds. 'Naturally.' He may Not want to be actually hooked at the hip with you now, yet, he doesn't want anyone else----Giving You Their business. Sorry he's----Not too happy.
    Ignore him. You did nothing wrong. However, I always find it Polite to return an "Email,' and this One needs to be addressed with: Okay, love, keep in touch. NP.
    He has a big world in which to get over his hissy fit. And once he does, which I can tell you right now, he will be doing some checking up on what he still thinks is 'Private property,' he will most likely Contact you with his tail between his legs.
    Good luck. xx

    • PS... He really does have to stop being this party pooper.. Maybe when he comes around again, you both need to sit down with some ground rules... xx

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    • We shall see what transpires. If nothing, then I have five phone numbers from guys who were flirting with me at the party, so I definitely won't have any down time to mend my broken heart - ha!:) xo

    • Good back up plan... You're a free agent, don't let any grass grow under your pretty feet... xx

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  • I think he misses you.

    • But did he cxl on me because he was so jealous and threatened or because he's not interested?

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    • I sent him an email saying " fyi - if you don't want to get together and have decided to reconsider, please just be honest. Let's not play games here". Then he emailed me back saying we'll touch base after he gets back from his biz trip on Friday. So I was firm and called him out, so he has to be honest at this point. I'm not going to play these childish games. Either we go forward or we don't.

    • That is BEAUTIFUL. Wow. That is excellent. High five.

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