Should I contact my ex or wait for her?

My girlfriend and i had been dating for 5 years and just recently about a week ago she told me out of no where she wasn't ready as she thought she was to be in a relationship, she assured me that she wasn't doing it to be with another person because she didn't she just wanted time to herself and focus on herself. Obviously 5 years isn't something i can get over from one day to another, she unfriended me from social networks and we haven't talked since, she told me she would always love me and care about me, and it hit me all of a sudden because we almost never fought, should i try to talk to her? when she told me all of this she was over sees in another country visiting family so the only way we talked was over social media, should i try to talk to her in person?
Should i contact her first or wait for her to contact me?


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  • Honestly? You just got dumped! and the fact that she dumped with the " It's not you it's me," she is not only break up with you, she is breaking up with you to be with someone else.

    Some one else snatched her heart I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you. But I have done it a million times. You can reach out to her if you want. But I would advise that you reach out to her searching for closure. At least find out why she kicked you to the curb. I doubt that you get her back, but with all these hotties floating around here, you will soon get over her and find your true love... WATCH


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  • Oh wow. I'm so sorry but it definitely seems like she's with someone else... don't contact her. She might come back to you when she's done with him but you shouldn't take her back.

  • wait for her.


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