Getting over a break up with my boyfriend of 4 years?

Any advice on getting over him? I still see him sometimes cause my best friend goes out with his best friend, we broke up a week ago and I didn't leave my house until my friend forced me to. Do you guys have any advice on getting over him? I thought he was the one but I was wrong :c


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  • Having to see each other will hinder the healing process. Like having a healing wound constantly re opened.
    To start, mourn the loss. Its OK and normal. Like the death of someone close, feel bad at the loss. Cry and grieve.
    Next its time to have some time for you and your friends. No worries about anything but fun. Cut loose. Do something you have always wanted to.
    Find things new to do and keep yourself occupied. Meet new people. Don't sit around and think about him.
    Purge things that make you think only of him.
    Time is the ultimate healer. As each day goes by, you will have more time that you aren't thinking about him. Before you know it he will just be a part of your past, nothing more.
    Finally, learn from this. What you want, what you need, what you are looking for.
    Then when you feel strong, you will be ready to step out and put your plan in action and find that guy that will learn how lucky he is.


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  • Only time fixes this.
    I found going completely no contact makes things easier, but like you said, you frequently see him. I'd try to avoid seeing him for a while.

  • 1. Go out and meet new people
    2. Try a sport or a new bobby
    3. Avoid him at all cost


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