Tattoo of another man after a month breakup?

I have no problems with tattoos, but I have a problem with the fact that my girlfriend and I been together for 4 years and like all relationships we have broke up and got back together in that time. Recently we broke up for a few weeks. We got back together only for me to find out she got a tattoo of another mans name whom she says she knew for 3 years. She said it was stupid and she wasn't thinking, but I question our love now. She asked me if I wanted her to she would cover it and that if I wanted her too she would cut all ties with this other guy because she loves me that much. But I feel like it should not have been a question. It should have been her WANTING to do it to show her love. I'm confused. I feel like, she must have really stronger love for this other guy than me. I also have no details cuz she didn't give them as to who, name, only that he was their for her and that he is just a friend and was never nothing more. I have a hard time believing that.


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  • It could of been just some crazy re bound thing. Some women go nuts in their rebound stage.
    Or, something was happening. Either way, he likes her, so she shouldn't have him around if she was in a relationship anyway.
    Or even that she just met him and is embarrassed to tell you she did something so dumb so she lied. Why wouldn't you know about a friend she's had for 3 years?
    If it was a crazy re bound, she might just want to forget it and feels indifferent about if it's there or not so didn't think to remove it for herself. Or she has feelings for him still.

    • I feel like she does, but there is more to the story than she is telling me. I see her in a different light and it sucks because I feel like she is the ONE. She never even told me what his name was, and when I said how come you never mentioned him, she never answered. Do you think maybe I was a rebound this entire time and that if she could be with him she would? But for some reason she can't so im her second choice? Why would a woman do something like that?

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    • I do see her very different now. The innocence I saw in her, I don't see anymore. She is beautiful, so having a guy so fast I'm not surprised, however the fact that whoever this guy is, she had more trust, and love than she did for me. I don't have any tattoo's she has a few and she only has ones that meant something deep to her. We was supposed to talk last night, instead after we came from the gym we had sex and feel asleep. She told me the other day that she didn't even tell him she got the tattoo, she got it and then told him. She felt she would never see me again. So she probably would have never told me if the tattoo was not there about this other guy.

    • It doesn't automatically mean that she loves and trusts him more. You're right it could mean that, but you don't know.
      As a female, I can tell you that sometimes, women go a bit crazy after a breakup with somebody they really loved. It's like they're drunk for a couple of weeks and they just do stupid shit they would never ordinarily do. Ok I've never gotten a tattoo, but I've done crazy things after a breakup, I've seen tons of my friends go a bit crazy after a breakup. Like some girls just go mad partying, some have flings, some just go on a random spur of the moment trip, some girls who don't usually drink party and get drunk every weekend.
      I don't know, I'm not trying to justify what she did, I'm just saying, sometimes, women can be really crazy, so just see how she feels first. It's true it doesn't sound great, but you really never know.

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  • It says a lot about a person who would get another person's name tattooed on their body. I don't see getting back together being a good idea.

    • bDizzie, I'm struggling with that option. My mind says leave and my heart says stay, but until she tells me everything, I can't make that decision. I don't think it wise of me to do yet.

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  • Lol sounds ridiculous. Was she drunk?
    She seems like a handful. If you two keep breaking up why don't you just end it for good and find someone else?

  • WOW. She really hates you/wants to forget you.

    • So why can't she just tell me that? She told me she loves me, and that she was dumb for doing it and asked me please not to leave her. That I'm the one she loves. She doesn't use me for my money. Are you saying she wants to hurt me back and in order to do it she has to lead me on. She knows this hurt me, so why stay with me, loving someone else? It wasn't that bad of a break up. It wasn't even over another woman. I only told her she couldn't tell me what to do with my company unless she had a better solution. Then arguing that. That was it.

    • Idk, then maybe she wa playing you because if it was just a simple argument then maybe she started the argument to get you guys to break up. What a bitch. Real diamond there.

    • *was
      I'm really sorry OP, nobody needs that to happen to them. It's humiliating, I know because I've felt this horrible feeling myself.

  • Um, I have never known someone to get a tattoo of a "friend." Sounds to me like he was more than just a pal.

    • This is what bothers me the most. Because I can't wrap my head around her not being more with this guy. I've always encouraged her when she was down for any reason. She stated our last breakup pushed her to do get the tattoo because I hurt her really bad. But all we did was argue and broke up over something so dumb. We both was being stubborn about the issue at hand I guess. Now I feel like I was never really her number 1. I love her so much. I've done, and treated her in ways I've never treated others.

    • Then you need to sit her down and tell her that. Communication is key here, because you don't want to continue a relationship built on distrust and doubt. Tell her that the tattoo bothers you and explain exactly why it bothers you. Tell her that completely honesty is needed right now, because you don't want this issue festering between you two, and you most certainly don't want it affecting your future disagreements.

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