Girls. If an ex bf (who are were on friendly terms on) asked you to BLOCK him on facebook... how would you feel?

About 5 weeks ago I broke up with my long time gf. Long story but I sorta "lead her into it". I lost interest in her physically and took too much of my personal troubles out on her. I also wanted to meet other girls and not feel guilty about it. However at the same time I had come to love her as a best friend/soul mate. She understands me and vice versa. The logical part of me can respect her decision (although the emotional "ID" part of my brain is being a moron and depressing me). She deserves a man that lusts after her and spends more time with her.

However we are still friend on facebook. I'll openly admit I've been looking at her Facebook page several times a day. I have already deduced that she is seeing a guy at her new job. I also believe they met around the time she dumped me. Probably helped her with her decision to dump me.

If I wasn't snooping on her Facebook page I wouldn't have known this depressing info. Shakespeare once famously quoted "don't look through a keyhole lest thee be vexed..."

We are actually meeting up in person for professional reasons later this week (she is finishing a web development job she started while we were dating... I paid her to finish it). Would it be crazy for me to ask her to BLOCK me from her Facebook account. It obviously shows I still have strong almost creepy feelings for. However she always been an understanding girl... even about the lesser parts of myself. I don't think I have the self control to stop looking her Facebook page. I could defriend her... but I'll still see her posts because my friends are friends with her...


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  • First I would feel like 'ouch' did he come to the point where he doesn't want to talk to me anymore.. but since she's understanding, she would think you are asking this for your benefit. So don't sweat it just ask. It sounds pretty reasonable to me because I stopped going on fb to avoid checking my ex's page every time I got on and I go on there like maybe once or twice a month and I don't have the need to check up on what he's been up to anymore

    • it's openly admitting that still have very strong feelings for her... but trying to move on. Truth is I know she is going to start putting up posts about her new bf... and I don't want to see that.

    • Yeah that's understandable so do what you have to do to prevent yourself from feeling down or jealous whenever she posts something

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