How to break up with the boyfriend of almost six months?

I like this guy A LOT, but four months into dating him I had to leave for two months and now that I am back I have found that I don't care for him like a boy friend any more. Its turned into a friendship and I don't like pretending to care for him that way any more. How should I break up with him, and can I keep our friendship?


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  • No need to keep a friendship, he won't want that even if he says he does. He will always want you romantically. Tell him exactly what you've said up there. You just don't feel the same anymore and you're breaking up with him. Nice and clean. Then if he has a problem or is hanging on, break off all contact. And I do mean ALL contact.

    • Thanks! It stinks that I can't keep our friendship but, I'll do just that.

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  • I don't think you should give up, feelings change. Your infatuation is gone now, this is when true, deep relationships develop. You feel this way bc you didn't see him for so long. I'd tell him exactly how you feel and see what he has to stay, if you still wants to be with you, then I think you should try to work it out.

    • I've tried talking to him about it, but he avoids ALL conflict. If the relationship requires conflict then he would rather end the relationship, unfortunately those are his words not mine.

    • Then he is immature & needs to be so afraid to have disagreements. If you guys can't communicate, then it would be best if you broke up. If you can communicate, then work this out.

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