Are we over... or is he coming back?

Two days ago my boyfriend broke up with me for a stupid reason. I told him a secret and his words made me feel belittled. i sent him a message saying how his words made me feel , i expected him to say sorry. Instead he broke up with me. He said I was trying to say he's tearing me down and he complained about me telling him things knowing he might get mad. I don't get it though, he said we are over and give me space for a while. Does he want space to forget me completely or to see if breaking up with me is a good decision? Should I wait until he have his space or move on?


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  • Move on. I broke up with a girl once over something stupid just to get rid of her. It wasn't a serious relationship and I didn't want to break up with her for no reason. I felt like an ass hole for the longest time. I kin da wish I hadn't broKen up with her now, but it's too late. Move on. Make yourself happy. When he realizes he messed up, it will be too late. He should have realized he had it going on once he had the chance.

    • Thank you, I just needed to know if me going back or even trying was a helpless cause. Now I know what I need to do next.

  • You are are too young and immature to be in a relationship, enjoy friends enjoy life follow your dreams and then when you mature more worry about getting a MAN.


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