How do I get over him once and for all?

I was seeing my ex for ages after we broke up.
I thought there was something there and that he had feelings for me.
But, he is determined to stay single and has basically straight out told me that there is never a chance for us and that he basically only kept seeing me because i wanted to.
I think he was in denial because there was definitely something there, but regardless it is over now.
He said that we should be friends, but not ones that hang out, basically just be courteous to each other when we bump in to each other.
I am really heart broken and am struggling to move on. We go to a small uni and have mutual friends so running into each other is inevitable.
Also, he sent me a snapchat, that he had obviously sent to multiple people, but i know he is probably doing it because he wants me to keep him on my mind.
I don't want to delete any of his contacts, because i would eventually like a friendship.
To make it worse, it has been exactly a year since we got together.
How do I move on?


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What Guys Said 1

  • simple - time and making yourself move on. Convince yourself you are growing and the next person will be even better, then start dating, seeing different people and MAKE yourself move on, even when it hurts.


What Girls Said 1

  • Get your shit togetha and cut the attention whore off once and for all? Tell him you're fine with his decision but you'd really appreciate it if he'd stop texting you sO much as you're a very busy woman and do NOT have time for his.. um.. "SHYYYYETTT"


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