How do I start recovering after a very attached relationship?

How do I start to breathe again? How can I go a day without thinking about him? How do I listen to a song and stop remembering how he used to sing it to me? How do I go to the park and forget how thats where we first met? How do I begin again?
How the fuck do I see his face and forget that I used to kiss it goodnight? How do I see him with another girl and not wonder if he's saying the same things to her? How do I stop wondering how his life is? How do I start fucking breathing again?


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  • First of all, I must tell you that everything will be ok, as much as it seems it won't. The first thing to do is to try and find some closure, that perhaps being by writing letters to him and burning them or something. Don't be afraid to let your frustration and sadness out. Second, surround yourself with friends and family. This will help distract, and being single is an opportunity to find yourself and perhaps try something that might turn into a hobby. If all else fails, try finding someone else that can make things better. Perhaps you have an attractive guy friend that can help you through this, maybe even slowly build towards something bigger. Best of luck, and just breathe!


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  • i understand what you are going through. i just recently had a break up. just find a some friends


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