Do you think everyone needs closure after a relationship ends?

The title says it all. Do you think everyone needs closure after a relationship ends?
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  • I've always felt closure was unnecessary. If someone wants it and asks why I'll tell them but honestly the answer is always the same. For whatever reason their perception of you didn't line up with the type of person they wanted to date at that moment. Their perception of you has nothing to do with who you really are. If you're ready to let go and give up then do it. If your not then try. Closure doesn't come from the other person it comes from you accepting the situation.


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  • Dont get me wrong closure would be awesome every time you had a break up, but some people are not willing to give that. Sometimes they will be straight up, other times they will say what they think you want to hear, and then there are the ones that just lie.

    Closure helps with the hurt, but it doesn't always work out that way. Knowing why is nice, but how many times have you had a break up where all you can do is think of all the other things you wish you had said, or how many times have you sat and thought about what was said and thought wow that jerk lied to me, or how in the living hell did I love that moron?

    Closure is nice, but its not something we always get, or get it in the degree we want.

    • What do you mean, "get in it in the degree we want?"

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    • I really liked that. Actually, I loved that. It was a total eye opener for me. Thank you so much. Im really sorry for you ex, Im glad to hear that you moved past her. Again, thank you. xoxo

    • *tips hat* my pleasure, and glad I could help.

  • I think it most definitely helps. but not everyone needs it. but seriously it helps a lot:P

  • It depends on how the break up happened. If it is seen coming by both parties, then no. Also if the break up is truthful when it ends.
    Closure is needed by ones that are blindsided by its ending. They didn't see it coming. Like a death, there are questions one has that need answered for them to mourn and then move on. Many times a person is just jilted and the person dumping scurries off leaving the dumpee left to try and figure things out. Having only themselves to figure it out with.
    In the end, many times the only closure is time and the knowledge in the end that it wasn't meant to be and wouldn't have worked out.
    Coming to the realization that regardless of what they did, the other party wanted out.
    Matters of the heart make ending a relationship hard.
    Closure is a lonely solitary journey when left with unanswered questions.


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  • Yes. But I think closure can be achieved on your own. People seem to think you need to have one final chat or whatever with your ex, but realistically that's not going to help.

    All you need to do is sit down, reflect on the relationship, and decide to move on.


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